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How You Can Benefit from UV-C Airflow Sterilizer

Airflow UV-C does not use a hepa filter. Filters can eventually become a breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms. Instead, the Airflow uses internal photo ionisation to neutralise micro-organisms, dust particles and aerosols.

Guard Stand Air Purifier

Healthy Air Technology

Reduces the presence of bacteria, harmful micro-organisms in the aerosols of the ambient air, thanks to the use of intense UV-C ultra – violet light as a powerful sterilizer. Each unit contains three separate chambers with all airborne particles irradiated twice and electrocuted in between the 2 UV kill zones to ensure total sterilisation.

Safe & Efficient

Dual UV-C shielded disinfection chamber design with an innovative infinite reflecting layer coating. Giving a 5-8 times UV-C radiant intensity within the chamber as an efficient solution supporting the high velocity aerodynamic airflow. Ensures a 99.99% kill-rate of airborne pathogens in one single air pass!


The arrival of new pathogens forces us to shift up a gear. Many solutions to combat pathogens are already present in nature. Scientists discovered that UVC light helps to combat bacteria, fungi and viruses

Fast and Long-Lasting

The Airflow is a UV-C sterilizer used to clean air which is contaminated by viruses, bacteria and other airborne germs. The Airflow Sterilizer is fan-driven to provide fast and long-lasting air circulation.